ADAP2023 Promotion FAQ’s

1Can I order any combination of Adapters and/or Crimp Fittings and get the
Promotion deal?
2How long is this Promotion valid?08/01/23 – 09/30/23
3If my PO is placed within the Promotion window, but the product doesn’t ship until
after the Promotion ends do I still get the Promotion price?
4Can I place a BPO at the promotion price?Please contact your sales person
5Is there an MOQ for the Crimp Fittings to receive the Promotion price?No MOQ’s for Crimp Fittings are required
6Is there an MOQ for the Adapters to receive the Promotion price?No MOQ’s for Adapters are required
7If you run out of SHF stock but have the similar fitting available from OmegaOne,
can I get the OmegaOne part at the SHF price?
The pricing will need to match the PN that ships
8Is there a special code that I need to put on my PO to get the Promotion pricing?Yes, please put “ADAP2023” somewhere on on your
PO to receive Promotion Pricing
9Do I need to issue separate PO’s for Promotion PN’s vs. other PN’s?Yes, please provide a separate PO for the Promotion
10If I qualify for Free Freight, how will the parts be shipped?The parts will be shipped via standard ground unless
otherwise agreed to at the time the order is placed