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What is a Push-On Fitting?

Push-On Fittings are mainly used in automotive and industrial low-pressure applications under 300 PSI.  The push-on fittings are designed to work in combination with a push-on hose. Push on the hose is built with the fabric yarn reinforcement braided in one direction working with the push on barb designed to grip in the opposite direction, allowing for a connection up to 300 PSI without the use of clamps.

Push-On Fittings Benefits

Integrating push-on fittings into your process is very advantageous. Benefits of this fitting type include:

  • Easy Assembly
  • Affordable
  • No Special Tools
  • Reusable
  • Saves Time

Your Custom SS Push-On Hose Fittings Provider

SHF Inc. specializes in producing standard and custom stainless steel push-on fittings in many different threads and angles. We currently stock NPT, JIC, ORFS, BSP, & Tube Stubs all in 316 Stainless materials

In-house machining and welding capabilities enable us to produce custom parts with exceptional quality. Slope and depth of the teeth, sharpness of the gripping edge, number of teeth, and spacing of teeth can be adapted to boost performance.

Industries Served

With decades of experience, SHF Inc. has made hard-wearing push-on fittings for applications in many industries. Here are some examples:

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Clients choose SHF Inc. because we deliver durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel push-on fittings that improve performance, longevity, and usability. With unparalleled inventory and quick-turnaround capabilities, our team can meet your needs quickly and affordably. Feel free to give us a call for more information about custom SS push on hose fittings. Our experts are happy to discuss your situation in greater detail.

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